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My uncle has six quads and lets us ride them around the yard and go on trails. He has one little quad two medium quads and three big quads. I like the big quad the most because you can go like three times as fast as the other ones and but I only go about thirty km per hour. It’s so fun because you can go in mud water and you can race around the riding ring. We sometimes go in their forest because they have forty acres I think. One of my cousins sometimes tumbles over because he turns corners too fast and he is on the small quad.

4 thoughts on “Quading

  1. Hi Mark!
    That sound’s very fun! But going thirty km is still pretty fast! Six quads is a whole lot! Anyway to answer you’re question on my blog, Gordie Howe could fight, score, and assist! ( An assist is making a pass to a person. The person that received the puck will shoot and score which then the person who passed has made an assist) They even made something called a Gordie Howe hattrick which is a goal, an assist, and a fight. FANTASTIC post!

  2. Hello Mark!
    I’d like to say, what’s riding a quad like? I’ve never been on a quad, but is like riding a very big, very fast four wheel bike? I was wondering, and I thought a smart guy like you would know. Thank you!

  3. Hi Mark, I have a 50 cc dirt bike and my brother has a 70cc quad. I used have a 100 cc dirt bike to but it was stolen. I like to go to all sorts of places to like the pits the forest and fields. bye

  4. Hey my pop has a big quad bike to i always ride it around my farm i get up to 30km if i go faster i can not keep the front end down.

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