Pacific Shores

Pacific Shores is one of my favorite spots to go. The last time I went, I was with one of my friends, my Mom, my Dad, and one of my brothers. What I like about Pacific Shores is there are hot tubs, pools,  a weight room, and an outdoor hot tub. Another thing that is cool is I got to watch a person feed a whole bunch of different types of fish in aquariums the middle of the restaurant. These are saltwater fish that eat squid. They are feed once a day at 11 o’clock except for Monday. Many of the fish are about two feet long like the rock cod, halibut and salmon.  These fish came from hatcheries and from fish farms. There is also an eel that is about six feet long. The sea anenomies are about one foot by one foot. We also went to Pacific shores the day the Olympics started.

10 Cool Facts

  • Did you know that scientists believe that you would be able to get a replacement body part for just about everything?
  • Another cool fact is in some places like Turkey people live in cave in the rock.
  • The world’s oldest toilets are 4000 year old Palace of Knossos on Crete.
  • Many supertankers are so long that can fit the Eiffel tower laid on its side!
  • Thrust SSC is the world’s fastest car. It broke the land speed record at 763 mph on October 15 1997.
  • The world’s tallest mountain is actually in the sea. It’s the volcanic island Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It is 33 465 feet tall from the ocean floor! Mount Everest stands at 29 035 feet tall.
  • A great white shark can bite with a force of 20 tons per square inch, that’s enough to easily bight through a steal plate!


Great White Shark

                                                Great White Shark By 126 Club

  • Crickets can hear with there front legs. Sound waves viberate a thin mane membrane.
  • If it weren’t for the pule of the gravity the moon would go spinning off into space.
  • During your life time, your heart will probably pump about 40 million gallons of blood in a life time. That could fill a swimming pool big enough to hold the Empire State Building!


I hope you enjoyed these cool facts. Do you know any cool facts?

Skate 2

I have a really fun game called skate 2. It is my favourite game now because you can get off your skate board and move stuff around like dumpsters,grinding poles, and jumps. There is career where you can get money by letting people take pictures of you doing grinds and jumping stuff like fountains. There are indoor skate parks and outdoor skate parks. My favourite spot is the mega compound were you start off at a really high spot, you get to choose out of three jumps. My favourite jump is the middle one because it goes down then it has a little jump were you make lots of air and you can do flips. There are probably about 15 levels for online. The inside one has an elevator were you can choose a jump that you want to go to, one of the jumps is the mega ramp and when I am playing that level I all ways go on it. Another thing that is really fun is you can do a bean sprout were you go down and grab onto the board with one hand and you press x so you jump up with one leg and your up in the air about a foot.