“Canada has always treated people with Justice and fairness”

I strongly disagree because there have been slaves in the past. Also there were workers that got sent to Canada that were payed very little. There is barely any . Now there is barley any bullying and there are no slaves or workers. They were told they would get paid well. But they got paid poorly and if somebody dies the other part of their family wouldn’t even know because we didn’t care. Some people even bully people from other continents today.

4 thoughts on “Justice

  1. I agree with what you are saying. We have not always treated people fairly and we have not always had good justice… Great post.

  2. Hi Mark! I agree with what you say but don’t completely agree with how you disagree… I agree and disagree. Yes we have been not great to other people in the past but we are defiantly getting better! Your evidence does support your decision though. Great post!

  3. Hi Mark!
    I very strongly agree with you because no country is perfect. I love Canada and you love Canada but we are not perfect! We are now quite a nice country and are getting better. But in world war two we were known as the peace keepers which is quite an honor but I don’t think we deserve that and like you said! We have had slaves! And for that reason and many other reason why should we have that name? And we are under war with Afganistan which I think is silly. No country, no human, no soldier should go under war.

  4. I strongly agree with you Canada has done bad things in the past and still are. There are people on the streets and they won’t help them. Canada is not perfect.

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