What Blogging Means To Me

I’m here to talk about what blogging means to me. I have only been blogging for four months now. It is the only thing I really do on the computer. 

What frustrates me is that it is usually hard for me to find something to write about so it takes a little while to think of an idea and another thing that frustrates me is that you run out of ideas on your blog and then it is even harder to think of another post.

Something I like about blogging is that there is no limit of posts or comments you can right and another thing I like about blogging is that you can go on any blog in the world and comment.

What frustrates you on your blog and what do you like about blogging?

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Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet Beta - Second Life home by Krysss

Little Big Planet Beta Second life home By Krysss

One of my favorite games for PS3 is a game called Little Big Planet which I can  play online. I can use my imagination to create whatever I want. To get points I need bubbles to bring up my score and to try to win at the end of the level. What’s really cool is that there is real water that Ican buy on this game. I haven’t bought any quite yet! Did I tell you everything is 3D? 

I can put a scuba diving suit on and I can stay under water for as long as I want but, if I don’t have a scuba suit on I can only stay under water for 30 seconds. Another thing I can do is win costumes for the Sack Boy and put on pants, shorts, shirts, hats, and mustaches or whatever I can win. I can create levels if I want but, I don’t have to make levels if I don’t want to. I just made a level and it has four dirt bikes and a couple of jet packs and a couple of walls. I have to fly over with the jet packs. There’s a limit of inventions you can have but, you can add stuff that I made or somebody else online made.

Another thing I can do is go to the story mode and quick play and play with my friends online. Story mode is a spot where I can do a whole bunch of levels and party. You can play with somebody and he or she is the leader. In my pod, I put one giant sticker that is colored and the current color is blue which is the colour of my room. I can search for a certain level on community that I might want to play.  So by for now.

Ten Things I Like To Do

Today I’m making a post because we are doing a ten week session for DARE.

  • I like to read graphic  novels that have some pictures because the pictures lets me know what the characters look like and the background looks like.
  • Another thing I like to do is watch movies because they’re interesting and they’re a variety of different types.
  • Also I like to go swimming and do a cannon ball off the diving board so it makes a big splash.
  • Climb my tree and make a fort by sniping off little sticks so then you can play in it.
  • Another thing I like to do is play on the playground with a whole bunch of my friends.
  • Also I like to catch snakes and look at them for a little while, one time at my grandmas house there were about 12 snakes in a small spot and me and my cousins probably caught nine snakes. We looked at them for about 20 minutes and then let them go.
  • Another fun thing is I like to play little big planet with my friends online on my PS3
  • I like to do blogging because you can write lots of different posts and pages, you can also write as many comments you want.
  • At school I like to go outside with my class and play preditor and prey because you get fresh air and you run around and hide.
  • Also I like to play lego with my friends and I like it because you make your own creations.

New Years Eve

Paris, 14 Juillet 2009 (DSCF8191-gimp)Paris, 14 Juillet 2009 (DSCF8191-gimp)By Julian nistea


On New years eve I get to stay up until midnight. It is really fun because we get to weight and the second the clock turns to midnight we let go of our balloons and it makes a cool noise. Another thing we do is watch a show on the television. Were not staying home for this New years eve because we are going to Victoria. it’s after New years eve now so I better tell you what I did. One thing I did was play with my cousin who was three, I played with her on a mini trampoline. I couldn’t go on because it was only about a one and a half meters all around. Then I got some sparkling apple juice about five minutes before midnight. It was really fun and sweet. Well I stayed up until two in the morning.

Christmas Bird Dance by Mark

My teacher Mrs. Smith gave us an assignment to make a video on pivot animation. After we were finished our pivot we put it on windows movie maker. It was really fun because we got to do Credits to the music and the image. Another thing is you get to choose the title and you can choose what font you want and colour. Have you ever made a video? Well here’s mine!

Christmas Bird Dance by Mark from Jan Smith on Vimeo.


Fractical santa clause

Fractical Santa Clause By Beverly and Pack

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year because I give and also get presents. I also get to think of what I want to get other people and then make or buy gifts. I like to decorate the house both inside and out. Our house looks great with all the lights on when company comes over.  

Also our family likes to go on walks and drives to  look at everybody’s Christmas lights.

 A couple of things I get every year are a mandarin orange and a chocolate orange. What things do you get every year that you like?

Another Christmas Eve tradition is that  everyone gets to open one present to take a bit of excitement out of me. Then, I go to bed and I get up at about 7:30am. I have to wait to about 9:00 because my brothers are always sleeping in until about 9:00am. I am not allowed to go out in the kitchen or in the family room until everyone is awake.

 A couple of things I get every year are a mandarin orange and a chocolate orange. What things do you receive every year that you like?


Last year for Christmas I went on a cruise ship called the Carnival Elation. It was really fun because I could go in a pool every day and there was also pool below the end of the slide. But, one thing I didn’t like was the salt water in the pool. Every meal I could go to fancy restaurant and I could go for a snack until eleven o’clock each night. Also they had a gift shop. I saw a hypnotist who got people to do funny things.

 We stopped off on the third day to go into Cabo San Lucas. We had to take little boats ashore,  that held something like fifty people. My brothers went Paragliding behind a boat and it looked cool because they were up in the air. I took a glass bottomed boat to Lover’s Beach and snorkeled around. I saw colourful fish and a purple sea urchin. When we left Cabo San Lucas we got back on the cruise boat and we went through security that checked you for illegal stuff .

 Then it was Christmas day, I got a little stocking full of candy and a couple of little toys. Also, I won a medal at the top of the cruise boat were there is mini golf tournament. I probably wouldn’t be able to get the metal without the wind which helped me. Then I went to do a catapult were Iyou got a couple of water balloons that I shot the balloons and I hit their little fortress. Then it was time for bed!

 The next day we were stopped at Ensenada. We only had to walk off instead of riding a boat. We we took a taxi to a blow hole which was really cool because once in a while it blew water out and it got everybody wet. But I stayed back quite a ways because I didn’t want to get wet. Than we started to walk back to the taxi spot and I bought a mini guitar for eight dollars. Then I found a paiso and I spent it on a gum pack that shocked you. After, we went to have lunch, when we were finished we went to a shirt shop where my parents bought color changing t shirts. When we when outside they would be colourful and when you were inside the shirts looked black and white. We had a horse ride back to the ship which was fun!

 Then we went back on the cruise boat. The first thing I did was go swimming because I like to swim so much. Then I had supper. Then it was time to go to bed.

The next day, It was time to get off the Cruise boat. Then when we started to drive back home we stopped off at Six Flags for two nights. We went on about six different rides in the hole day because I had to wait in really long line ups. My favourite ride  would have to be the one with giant flames coming up beside you and at the beginning you went down a drop that was really high. The drop was scary because you were looking at the ground and you were so far up.

Me as a Reader

IMG_4055Mrs. Smith asked our class to design a book cover of our choice. Mine was called the Pig Bomb. It’s all about two guys named Matt and James. They are going to live in the wild for a week with giant pigs that are supposedly four hundred pounds. They have never seen one this huge so they think this is just a myth.

Well, it all started when the Matt and James were planning a trip to live on the wild side. So they were driving to the woods and when they got out, they started to look for a good camping spot . When suddenly, a giant pig jumped out from nowhere , so they started to run and they yelled, “I guess we will have to sleep in a tree”. Then when they were up in a tree a whole bunch of pigs came and they were ramming the tree all night. Well, it felt like all night, so they said, “I guess this wasn’t a good idea after all. ”

Two hours later all the pigs had gone. Matt and James were really hungry so they were looking around for some food. They were lucky that they found their bags on the ground. But, the problem was there was only two small bags of some trailmix and a bottle of water left. Then they saw a whole bunch of pigs in one pig herd. After a while of looking at the pigs one of the pigs noticed Matt and James. So they all started to run and  James and Matt’s hearts were beating the fastest they have ever beaten before.

Then they suddenly saw their vehicle but it was really far away so they climbed up a tree for safety yet again. The pigs were only ramming the tree for about ten minutes. Ten minutes later they got down and went home and told their families and their parents told the government and the government got together a big group of hunters and they tranquilized about twenty five percent of the pigs. They were struggling to tranquilize the rest of the pigs but all the rest of them ran away. The hunters took the pigs to a new habitat where they studied these giant pigs in an attempt to learn about them.

Count three out

On Tyrone’s blog I looked at his games and what he wrote about and I played Mario bros. It was cool to comment on his blog and it was fun to comment on his post. On Daniell’s blog I commented on the tiger post because my favourite animal are tigers and there was a widget that was called poke the penguin and it was really cool. On Spencer’s blog I commented on End of term and I told them that I was on a cruise last year and that I wish I could have that trip again because it was so fun. You could basically do anything you want except for adult stuff. What trips have you been on that you want to go on again?

The Olympics

The other day we got to go to Louise park because we won a question thing at our school and we were one of the two classes that got to go. Some things we got to do was watch some people play the drums with coke bottles and we saw somebody do so many things with hoolahoops around there neck and she could basically do anything with a hoolahoops. Some things we got was free coca cola and bangers. We even got to touch the Olympic torch, it was pretty cool. Have you ever seen the torch?


                  IMG_7563.jpg  By Savannah                      IMG_7519.jpg By Savannah